Keynote Speaker


Is your organization, event or fundraiser seeking inspiring information delivered in a fun, energizing and powerful way? You’ll love my flamboyant style. Not only will your audience connect with the experiences I share, they’ll get the lessons from my coaching tools and quickly apply the insights to their life in order to start seeing results they can immediately benefit from. Invite me to speak at your school, office or function and see for yourself how my presentations dramatically transform your audience into empowered leaders equipped to take passionate action!



Climbing Mountains in the Mind

When a person discovers their power within, they become a powerful catalyst for inspiration, opportunity, and progress. By applying my Power Principles, your audience will embody the essence of what is means to live powerfully, and learn how to believe in themselves and take effective action in spite of their past experiences and an unknown future. ‘Climbing Mountains in the Mind’ is about discovering your power and will lead your audience to developing innovative mindset skills and producing measurable results.


Healing Emotional Damage: Finding Peace and Freedom after Traumatic Events

In life we face situations that are beyond our ability and control. And how we choose to see these situations and let them affect us determines how we move forward in life. In this presentation, your audience will learn how to view hardship of any kind constructively and see its benefits. Healing requires that a person transforms their perspective and see  ‘damaging’ experiences and situations as opportunities. By retelling my profound ‘earth shaking’ experiences (literally), your audience will realize no matter the situation occurring around them or to them, they always have power and can choose how and if it affects them. 

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