The Breakthrough Introduction Connection (BIC)

The best way to understand the value of coaching is to experience it. I offer a 50 minute, commitment-free, introduction connection for just $40 USD without the purchase of a package. The BIC provides an opportunity to experience my approach and see if we’re a good fit, but it’s not mandatory. I call it a ‘breakthrough introduction’ because you’ll encounter a breakthrough in perspective from our connection. If you wish, you can skip the breakthrough connection and purchase a package directly (see below). All desired follow-up sessions may be purchased as one of my packages.

The BIC is only available one time per client.

Skype or Phone Coaching Package

  • Four one-on-one private coaching sessions with me (each session is one hour in length).
  • Between-session email support. Convenient, brief communication when you need to clarify a question, obtain some quick feedback, or celebrate a new insight.
  • Access to my tools (exercises and activities) along with my network of contacts and resources.
  • Cost: $197.00 USD tax inclu. 

Email Coaching Package

  • Four emails which you can send anytime and I’ll give a detailed response within 72 hours.
  • Access to my tools (exercises and activities) along with my network of contacts and resources.
  • You may feel more comfortable communicating through word and this option provides you the time to think before you respond. As well, you have the option to save all the emails and revisit the information anytime.
  • Cost: $149.00 USD tax inclu. 

Details: All email responses are customized for you. If I need additional information from you in order to give a response, I’ll ask for it and only after will I send my ‘official’ paid response. Email coaching is flexible and highly accessible. It is available as an additional support to Skype or Phone coaching or as a standalone service with its own fees.


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There is no preparation required for the BIC or coaching sessions, just an open mind. There are no payment plans and there are no refunds. I wish for you to be as serious about your investment and the work you’ll put into your life as I am about assisting you. Passion Over Past reserves the right to make changes to prices at any time without notice. See Terms of Use for more details.