Who are these ‘Coaches’? What is ‘Coaching’, and do I need it?

Nope, there wasn’t an influx of sport teams in the last decade resulting in an increased number of coaches; rather, these ‘Coaches’ you often hear about are people who assists clients with their personal affairs—relationships, profession, and life. Through ‘coaching’ tools, a Coach is able to examine ‘what’s going on now’, discover the obstacles or challenges, and propose a course of action according to the client’s passions, goals and dreams.

I’m a Passion Coach, and while just three years ago my vision was to work a steady government job and invest in my retirement, things drastically changed after a sexual harassment experience in university. What I discovered through this experience was that I was destined to assist people uncover their ‘real’ purpose and allow them to see their challenges as catalysts!

As a Coach, most often I hear people tell me, “I don’t need a coach, my life is good. I make good money, I have a good job, and I’m not having a mid-life crisis or breakdown.”

BIG misconception! Coaches are not solely for people who are at their breaking point—wrought with frustration and hopelessness. Most often, it’s the people living “the good life” who are sitting on a goldmine of greatness!

I’ll use myself as an example…

Three years ago I had just finished grad school and after a holiday in Africa, I moved to Toronto for a fresh start. Life was awesome! I had a beautiful condo on the water filled with all kinds of groovy furniture. I made great money and had so much freedom in my job that 3 or 4 day weekends became the norm. I spent my mornings training for my next marathon, afternoons volunteering at a school, and evenings downtown with friends. On top of which I had beautiful long hair and a physique to boast about. Yup, life was perfect!

But something was missing… Deep down I felt incomplete and while all seemed to be going as “planned”, I felt unfulfilled. A family member suggested I try coaching and I must admit, initially I was offended by the suggestion. But eventually I realized I had nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain, so I signed up! And so, my new life began…

Fast forward 9 months: I decided to sell or donate everything I own, move to India (a country I had never been) to write a book and pursue my love of mountaineering! It’s been nearly 2 years since and when I look back at my “perfect life” in Toronto, I can’t help but think how much I would have missed and how I would have never discovered my full potential had I not given coaching a chance.

There’s nothing wrong with where you are right now and with ‘walking forward’; it’s comfortable, it’s nice, the view is good, it’s perfectly fine. But why not give moonwalking a try and see where gliding backwards takes you! Michael Jackson did and look where that led him!

You have nothing to lose, but potentially EVERYTHING to gain!

When you work with a Coach it’s a collaboration; we share a common goal to identify and apply your strengths, cultivate new talents, and design approaches to situations which will maximize your confidence, so you obtain the results you desire.

Does it take courage to go where you’ve not gone before? Absolutely! But the rewards are worth the work and the initial discomfort, because eventually the discomfort will become your comfort.

So what do I have to offer? My commitment, my tools and my coaching packages.

Skype/ Phone Coaching packages or the increasingly popular Email Coaching package which is flexible, highly accessible and great for those more comfortable communicating in word. I may offer in-person meetings, but those vary depending on where I’m currently traveling ;).

Sometimes only a little piece is missing, but that little piece could be the difference between a “good life” or an “extraordinary life!”

Here’s what some of my previous clients have said:

“After my first meeting with Laska, I knew that I had met someone special. Her energy is contagious and her perspectives about life are powerful, logical, and easy to apply. Laska brought clarity to my world that transformed both my business and personal choices. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her and learn from her. I now see that I can accomplish anything!” ~ Bikash Gyawali

From the day I met Laska and the next 5 months after, I got a unique perspective of looking at life. Laska never “sugarcoats” the truth. Talking to her brought a lot of clarity to my life, and she is mature beyond her years! While she loves to talk, she listens very intently and that’s why she’s able to provide insights because she really listens. You will be amazed at what she comes up with; never considering before that THAT is the ‘thing’ holding you back from having a breakthrough in your life. Very energetic, lively, and always ready for an adventure, working with Laska had a profound impact on my life! ~ Ashutosh Saran

Still not convinced? Don’t worry, I understand. I believe the best way to understand the value of coaching and its value is to experience it firsthand. This is why I offer a BIC.

What’s a BIC?

I call it a “Breakthrough Introduction Connection” because I guarantee you’ll have a breakthrough during our 30 minute connection.

As George Eliot said, “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

I would so love for you to get everything you want out of life. So do SIGN UP for my free weekly newsletter for tips and insights, and start creating a passion-filled life you love!

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