We Are All Sand Dust and Stardust Miracles

Saturday afternoon, I found myself on a quiet beach near the remote village of Velas. As I lied in the warm black sand, I repeatedly filled my hands with the glistening granular material. When my hands were full, I opened my palms and starred at the sand for some time… So many colours, textures, sizes and shapes. At one point when I was absent in thought, I considered how long it would take to count the miniscule rock and mineral particles. Decades perhaps? And on the grand scheme, I was only holding a teeny tiny portion of the immeasurable number of sand particles that exist on the planet. Although a small thought, the concept is literally incomprehensible to the human mind. I brushed away several million particles leaving only a few hundred thousand in the palm of my hand and again, I starred in amazement. So small, yet each particle was a purposeful contribution to the beaches’ body. An enormous world existed in my palm and from this perspective, it would appear that I was the Master.

Later that night, I gazed up at the sky; it was crisp, clear and flooded with infinite luminous spheres of plasma. An incalculable number of light beams radiated in this outer space. The dark cover was so beautifully decorated with light sources, one could assume the architect put much thought into the design. An infinite number of stars exist in this immeasurable astronomic space known as The Universe which encompasses the totality of existence. Yet, from this angle I was the minion – engulfed by the panoramic sea of nothingness.

We are all sand dust and stardust miracles experiencing this thing called life. While each of us in on our own path, we all equally came from the Divine Source. Although each particle of sand is beautiful because of its unique characteristics, it is not noticed unless it is grouped with other particles. As well, seeing one star in the sky is less thrilling than seeing a group of stars working together to create constellations. In both cases, the sources are brighter, more noticeable and gain designation when they exist harmoniously with their counterparts. Thoughts and behaviours should not divide us, they should unify us. We should offer our treasures to everyone because no one is ‘more special’ or ‘better than’ anyone else. When we share, give, love and work together unconditionally, we can create colourful mass bodies of mineral that cover grand masses. We can create mesmerizing designs that radiate beauty and bring light to the dark. See yourself in everyone. When you do, you will no longer elevate yourself above those you’ve decided are ‘less’ deserving and not as ‘special’ as you. Remember, when it rains, it rains for all – not just some. Stay in harmony. Like the sand and the stars, there are infinite amounts that exist. When you hoard, you exclude. Align yourself with the bottomless supply and choose to share abundantly with all!

Practice being unbiased today. Choose to be inclusive. Recognize when you have thoughts to exclude others and instead, respond with generosity. Remember, the presence of the Other is what gives us purpose!

This past weekend, Ash, Prishuk, myself and my Indian brother Bharat, who I stayed with when I first arrived in Bombay, drove 6 hours from Pune to Velas Beach. The remote beach is where 5 of the 7 sea turtle species come to lay their eggs every year. The laying process happens in December so around this time is when the turtle hatching’s begin and hundreds of tourists come to Velas hoping to catch a glimpse of this natural event. Saturday morning we left Pune at 1:30am. The NGO that protects the beach advise tourists to arrive at 7am for potential hatching viewings. Sleeping in the car really wasn’t an option because the roads to Velas were beyond bumpy. I felt like I was in a snow globe being shaken for 5 hours! Once we arrived, we headed down to the beach for the first reveal … nothing. But the sand was ‘indented’ meaning deep within the sand there was egg movement. We journeyed back up to the village and had a fabulous traditional breakfast. The village was small and simple. I always enjoy village visits and they usually serve to be some of my most memorable experiences during my travels. For just over $10, you get a nice place to stay for the night and 4 big meals. Although there wasn’t too much to do, we all enjoyed being in this tranquil place away from pollution and the city noise. We didn’t even have cell service which was a nice disconnect. The next reveal wasn’t until 7pm so we spent the day at the beach, napping, eating, exploring a small fort, and of course laughing! That evening, we returned to the beach but again, no hatchings had taken place. Instead we played music and watched the beautiful sunset over the ocean. We then took turns playing my new favourite game – bum charades! The goal is to spell words with you bum and I am proud to admit that I was the worst of the 3 guys. Apparently, cursive bum writing isn’t my thing…

We woke up early the next morning hoping today would be the day we got to see baby sea turtles but unfortunately, none had hatched. But all wasn’t a total lost, we returned to our hosts place for breakfast and in a basin in their kitchen they had a baby sea turtle which they saved. They were just waiting for it to get a little bigger before setting in free. After another delicious breakfast we loaded up with car and headed back to Pune. Another fun-filled weekend with friends, making memories and discovering yet another fabulous corner of India!

Last week, I finished the Passion over Past book project! Yay! There’s been a lot of back and forth emails with the editor and lawyer – working out logistics and such. Participants, you will be getting an email soon regarding ‘next steps’ so keep your eyes on your inbox.

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