Trust the Natural Flow of Time

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

At one point or another, most of us have heard this adage…The adage that suggests time is the key factor which is needed to create great and remarkable things in life, in Oneself and in society. It takes time to process, to create, to implement, to change, to grow, to develop, to attain and sometimes, to see results. While I was waiting for my soy latté to be served this afternoon, I began to witness how time is present, and needed, in every facet of life. Had I demanded for my latté to come more quickly, it may not have arrived so warm and soothed my frigid body so completely on this cold, winter afternoon. Had I requested to see my niece while my sister was in her second trimester, she may not have emerged into this world in such perfect form. Had I not stopped running and let my knee injury heal, I may not have been physically able to climb all the mountains I desired to surmount last year. And had the labourers rushed their work on the great Colosseum, it may not be standing here today—astounding visitors with its grandeur and beauty.

If we look at the things in this world that take time versus those that come quickly, we can see how the things that come quickly typically don’t benefit us in a positive way. Does fast food make us healthier? Does high speed internet make us more efficient? Does speeding get us to our destination safely and in one piece? Ultimately, everything in this world takes time and while sometimes we may find the process frustrating, I’ve learned to accept it.

“When you accept the process, you come to recognize that it’s not about what you do and the number of things you accomplish that count, rather who you become through that ‘waiting’ process.”

Waiting in line for my latté shifts from useless waiting to an opportunity where I can connect with someone also waiting for their beverage. You never know who you’re standing next to and what sort of AWEsomeness they may contribute to your life and vice versa. Who knows, you may grow exponentially from what someone shares in a five minute conversation – it’s happened to me on several occasions. Additionally, some of the most valuable contacts, supports and creative souls in my life emerged because I chose to strike up a conversation with them while waiting in line to pay for a sandwich or while standing at the bus stop. Missing the bus one morning introduced me to a great, savy friend who was a valuable support for my first book project.

If a natural flow of time is happening, don’t impatiently wait and make yourself annoyed with the amount of time the process is taking; instead, see that ‘waiting time’ as an opportune time for something else. There is potential in every moment and a reason (known or unknown) why some things take time. You don’t hear women arguing about how they wish their baby came faster or question why the process takes 9 months. They just accept he/she will come when they come  and when they emerge according to the natural flow of time, they will be perfect. There’s no questioning it or worrying about it. They simply let it be.

“Trust the natural flow of time.”

It knows what it’s doing and how long things should take. After all, we all started life on this planet in the same way and because our mothers endured the same ‘timely’ process. Were those 9 months worth the wait? Of course, because YOU came from that processing time and where would the world be without you???

On a personal note, I am overjoyed to announce the arrival of my beautiful second niece Lydia Irene Ye Eun Noh who was born in South Korea on January 20th, 2016. In the last 2 years, I have been blessed with two nieces and one nephew and thanks to their processing time in the womb, they emerged beautiful, healthy souls and have brought so much joy to my life! Thank you Alina, Nick Jr. and Lydia for reminding me that miraculous things come when I trust the natural flow of time.


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