True Heroic Actions


(Click the Spidy-legs for my v-log)

Last week I made an emergency visit to my chiropractor. I held onto my super hero image as long as I could, but eventually I accepted that seeing a “professional” was the most heroic action I could take on the matter. The result? An extremely painful 30 minute session! I left with tears in my eyes and legs tapped in a way that would surely impress Spiderman’s spandex designer. Diagnosis… “Don’t run, relax”. Of course, the words all runners ‘love’ to hear.

With the Ottawa marathon less than two weeks away, the race jitters are starting to roll in. The jitters include both fear and excitement, but after MONTHS of training all you can do is cross your fingers and plead to the runner Gods that come race day, everything will run smoothly. I mean I didn’t wake up at 5:18am to run in ice and snow to not have a fairytale ending on race day. Unfortunately we have no say in the matter and just like any other day, anything can happen on race day!

As the big day approaches, the last thing any runner wants to be is injured. Yet, most of us are really good at convincing ourselves that rest is not required in ‘your’ case; as such, you continue to train despite the pain, the tensor band, the kinesio tape, the Advil, etc. Your mind can’t help but convince YOU that you shouldn’t rest and relax until after the race is over. “I’ve trained like a soldier for months and now I’m suppose to relax before I even run the race?! Where’s the logic in that?” Most runners have the instant thought that if they miss one day of running/ training, the world will come to an end and all your endurance, strength and fitness will evaporate into thin air.

Well ‘rest’ assured (pun intended) that’s not the case.

P.S. I apologize that my head was cut off in the video. Once uploaded, the frame size was reduced. Oh technology!

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