TIME-OUT: No longer just for naughty kids.

Remember when you were a naughty kid, and your parents used to send you to your room or to the corner for a ‘time-out’? Yup, I do… A little too well I might add. While that ‘time-out’ might have seemed like a total downer, looking back, it was actually an opportunity for me to do absolutely nothing other than have some serious one-on-one time with my 7-year-old Self and reflect on my actions.

Fast forward to now; we’re all grown up—responsible adults—and how often would you say you take ‘time’ to do absolutely nothing in order to reflect on your actions and habits?

If you’re still thinking, then it’s been a while…

Recently I heard someone say, “Even after you die, your inbox will still be full.”

This statement really shook me. I realized that there is always going to be someTHING to do, so I need to purposely take a ‘time-out’ and do things that are fundamental to my growth, my health, and my happiness. And that means sometimes taking the time to reflect on my time, and how I use use. (Excuse the ‘time’ tongue twister).

So to assist you with this, I’m launching Time Out Tuesday (TOT). What is TOT?

TOT is a weekly opportunity for you to take a ‘time-out’ from everyTHING you’re doing, hear some valuable insight from me, and see if you’re fueling yourself with all that ‘good’ stuff that nurtures your soul and gets you taking steps towards your goals and dreams.

Sounds awesome, right? Taking time to reflect on your actions and habits in order to make sure you’re on the path to extraordinary success and happiness… I’d say so!

You might be asking, “What do I have to do to get these amazing insights and tips?”

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I promise I will not spam you, and everything that I share is what I’ve been actively practicing and living.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, so better get a move on and SIGN UP. These tips and insights are for subscribes only and will not be posted on my blog, so be sure to subscribe and get ready to rock your world with passion!

With love and gratitude—Laska xo

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