The Two Paths of Fear

On my recent trip to Thailand, I visited historical Sukhothai and stood before ancient wonder Phra Achana which translates to “one who is not frightened”.


As I gazed at this mysterious ruin, I considered the number of times I’ve been frightened—check that, completely terrified—these last few years on my passionate journey.

Hmm, A LOT in case you’re wondering.

But when I considered the results that came about in my life based on my interpretation of fear in each particular moment, it was clear that my life is driven by one of the two paths fear has.

Path One:

When I have chosen to interpret fear as a powerful force of “bad”, it’s resulted in me being debilitated, weak, overwhelmed with anxiety, and consumed with feelings of lack. In this way, when fear arises in my life I take it as a higher sign that it’s time to ‘batten down the hatches’, stay in the cocoon, avoid any risk (even a new brand of toilet paper), keep to what I know and use this as an opportunity to internally berate myself for assuming I’m a “special soul” on an inspired journey.

Side effects include; unconscious eating, acne breakouts, chest pain, and a snappy attitude.

Path Two:

But, when I have chosen to interpret fear as a powerful force of untouched potential, its resulted in happiness, joy, freedom, prosperity, miracles and extraordinary results. In this way, I see fear as a sign reminding me that carving my own path means taking unknown steps, but it’s cool because I’m a champion at ‘rocking it’, so get ready to strut with confidence.

Side effects include; complete connection with my inner voice, massive smiles and wide eyes (even without caffeine), respect for my body, deep restful sleeps and a sheer passion for everything! 

Ultimately, time waits for no one. It’s 2017 and I see each passing year as a reminder that if I’m not LIVING than I’m simply existing in this vast space. 

So Phra Achana, will I still be frightened?

Absolutely, but I’m going to keep being excited about being terrified because in this way I know that means I’m expanding myself and on my path to greatness.

Happy 2017! 

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  1. michael
    November 26, 2017 at 9:02 pm (3 months ago)

    Spot on. I feel there are two basic emotions that drive us. Joy and fear. Fear shuts us down and inhibits growth. Joy opens us up, and encourages expansive growth. There is a simple (ha) way to let joy take the steering wheel. Say Yes. Not No. Join the Yes tribe, and everything takes on a new glow and joy.

    There is this extremely joyful video that I’ve seen many times, a young girl on a roundabout, with this incredibly joyful expression on her face. We tend to lose this as we become ‘adults’, but this video reminds us we can still experience the essence of joy throughout our lives. ~Abraham-Hicks~ The Meaning of Life:


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