The Practice

While sitting on the floor, legs crossed, eyes closed, with my hands in prayer and level with my heart, the Yoga teacher always shares a thought before she ends the class. Yesterday was my 28th birthday, and the thought she embedded in my soul to begin my 28th year was this, “Be thankful for Yoga and for what is teaches you.” While Yoga is a form of exercise that is not what it truly is: Yoga is not a way of doing, but a way of being. It teaches not simply postures, but a philosophy which widens consciousness. What it strengthens is not the body, but the mind. I smiled, opened my eyes, and in that moment found myself so full of love and joy. As I rolled up my mat and hit the streets of Kathmandu, I began to reflect on what my ‘practice’ of life has taught me…particularly in the last year.

I, like all people, have days where I find myself frustrated; sometimes so frustrated that I begin to create a negative feed in my head that questions my self-worth, my purpose, and my gifts. What I realize when I have those ‘moments’, is that the self criticism and hate list could go on forever… I could write a long list of reasons why I am a worthless, unsuccessful, failure who’s really not that smart, pretty or fit.  Failing to consider that the self love list could be equally as long and timeless…”I am a valued, powerful, energetic soul who is creative, divine and perfect in form.” Yes, there are times where you may find yourself frustrated and out of balance, but that’s no reason to abuse yourself.

When I am struggling with a posture in Yoga, I don’t give up and curse at myself. Instead, I see it as an opportunity to practice, which is why each session is called a ‘practice’. Everyday we live a practice. We do what we can with what we have, and the more we practice, the more we evolve.

Last year, I practiced Yoga for 2-3 hours daily for a period of 4 months but it has been nearly 10 months since I have done any kind of Yoga and not surprisingly, my body has changed. While I currently can’t do some of the postures I once did, I don’t find myself upset, frustrated, or waste energy comparing myself to who I once was. Because who I am now is different from who I was then. And the only solution to change that feed in my head about mySELF is to practice. So that’s what I’m doing, practicing.

I am inspired by each new day, each new lesson and each new practice. I know in time I will grow and strengthen, perhaps in ways different from before, so I celebrate who I am today and all that I can do right now.

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthdays wishes. Each was read. Each was cherished. Each is valued. Cheers to another year of living PASSIONately OVER my PAST (P>P). #PassionOverPast




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