The Point of Your Life.

If there is anything that I am wealthy in, it’s friends! I have been so blessed with an abundance of friends during my time in India. At this point, I think I have more contacts in India than I do in Canada. Thanks to HMI, and all the lovely people I met during my mountaineering course, my contact circle has greatly expanded; stretching across a vast range which covers most states in India. I am constantly invited to my friends’ homes, and am cared for as if I am part of their family. While I love my family and friends back home, never do I feel I am without a loving unit. I am always surrounded by wonderful people who I very much see as family.

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When I first started to really own my life, I felt as though many of my family members and friends didn’t get what I was doing. I heard a lot of opinions about my choices; some greatly questioning my reasons and my grand visions for the world and our global community. Having just finished a Masters degree in Communication – specializing in Government Relations – the next step so clearly pointed to a government job. So why was I not following the ‘should’ path, ie. What I should be doing with my life and my career?

The point of your life is to do that which means something to YOU!

While I recognize some of my family members and friends had, and continue to have, my best intentions at heart – which is the reason for their concern – they don’t necessarily know what makes me come alive!

There are some things I just can’t put into words: I can’t articulate why trekking through leech filled bush brings me so much joy. Nor can I explain why running shoes feel like soft slippers. We all have ‘things’ that we do which light us up; as such, we should accept that while we might not understand or ‘get’ the choices and actions of others, our job isn’t to judge or question their light and path. Rather, support and send them loving energy.

To truly love unconditionally is to do so without judgement.

I no longer feel obliged to justify my choices. Each and every day I simply make choices that will make ME happy and invite others to join my flow. If they don’t ‘understand’ or choose not to join, I don’t get mad or spend my time and energy trying to explain my reasons and defend why they ‘should’ be supporting me. Instead, I send them love and move on since I recognize there are people all over the world who are supporting me, and sharing my words, thoughts, and experiences.

If you’re not feeling connected to someone you love, I invite you to ask yourself, “Why do I desire this connection?” Typically, one will discover that your ‘reasons’ about this person are usually ego related, not happiness related. They are based on a ‘story’ you created not a dream you are living! If you really desire a connection with a particular person, look at yourself and consider how compassionate, supportive and loving you’ve been to that person. If you believe you have been sending loving-supportive vibes then consider if you’re doing it because you genuinely want to OR because you’re expecting them to return the action and express the same level of compassion to you. Have integrity, look at yourself and see what your true stand is. Is it for that person or is it for you? How attached are you to their response to your actions? Are you giving and ‘letting go’ or giving and tying an expectation to it?

Love and compassion are the only tools we should be using to educate others.

Resentment and judgement doesn’t propel anyone forward. Nor should we assume that others ‘should’ know how we feel. When you set an expectation on the other, it often leaves you feeling sad and disappointed. Recognize you’re the one who is making yourself upset, so give without attachment and expectation. Only then will you feel fulfilled and at peace.

Tomorrow I fly from Delhi and am returning to Kathmandu, Nepal. There is work to be done there. I feel as though I am being summoned to go, and I am very excited for my upcoming project and the meetings I have lined up! A huge THANK YOU to my mountain girls Tashi, Samiksha and Anusha and their families for their loving hospitality these last 2 weeks.

I managed to take a day trip to Agra this week, and in spite of seeing it in photos and on TV hundreds of times, the Taj Mahal is truly a miraculous site and must be seen in person.


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