The Ottawa Marathon

There is something very special about running a marathon. You’re running an intense distance–challenging your physical and mental stamina–while confronting an array of emotions which perpetually ‘run’ through you during the 42.2 distance.

I have no idea who is running next to me, yet I find the experience to be extremely humbling and beautiful. Like you, the runners around you are running for a particular reason or person and in knowing that, one can’t help but have a concern for their personal well being.

I watched numerous selfless acts unfold while running the Ottawa Marathon and it’s incredible to witness the sacrifices people will make in order for the other to succeed.

Sometimes I question my faith in humanity but through running, and the camaraderie I experience in the sport, not only is my faith restored but I am reminded that there is more to this than simply running. It is an enlightening experience that allows an individual to transcend to a world filled with possibilities.

The only emotion I confronted and dealt with on Sunday was pure happiness. At no point did I find myself wanting to be anywhere else or wishing for it to be over. My emotions about the race and my experience are evident in this weeks vlog.

To those who ran the Ottawa Marathon, CONGRATULATIONS! You are incredible and it was a privilege to run the course with you!

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