The limits of Inspiration: How Coaching keeps you inspired and in the game!


Inspiration is a spark that can generate ideas, make you feel happy, move you to action and jump-start your productivity.

While inspiration can have an influence or impact, most often it’s not longstanding. It doesn’t consistently support creativity and activity, and this is what’s needed in order to stay ‘on the court’ and ‘in the game’.

How many times have you read a quote on Instagram or Facebook and thought, “Wow, that’s so inspiring!!!” then went back to your life and routine ways of being?

Personally, I feel “quotes” are empty words to anyone who isn’t the quotee.

Why do I say this?

The quote is based on personal experience and unless you share that experience, the quote seems irrelevant to you in that moment.

While it’s nice to read, “Always look at the bright side of life”, isn’t anyone else wondering where this ‘bright side’ is and how we’re supposed to find it?

At no point does the quote say, “Tap HERE to obtain your map to the bright side.”

No, the quote ends! And you’re left thinking, “Great, now what?

Inspiration, in my view, is limited in the sense that while you might light an inner candle when you read, feel or see something, in order to keep that flame burning you require more than inspiration. With inspiration there has to be a plan and this is what keeps you in the game and shooting.

Shaquille O’Neal, a monster of a basketball player, could tell you even though he’s played countless basketball games, having a plan on the court for each game is what brought him success and a feeling of continued inspiration for the game.

So, how do you light your candle of inspiration and keep it blazing?

Have a plan. A plan that allows you to take steps and keep your inspiration flame burning.

Do you think that ‘always look on the bright side’ person has a plan?

Hard to say, but I believe the ‘bright side goal’ needs to be accompanied with measurable steps.

Maybe that meant making a daily gratitude list, stopping to smell the roses, volunteering their time on a weekly basis, taking a karate class, traveling. The truth is, I don’t know. But the point is, having a plan with tasks they worked at everyday, probably kept them on the bright side.

If you’re finding it hard to keep your inspiration going, look and see if there’s a plan behind that inspiration. Sure, running a 5km races sounds inspiring, but where’s the plan? Writing a novel would be a great accomplishment, but is there daily writing taking place?

You’re not going to stay inspired by the natural, unforeseen force of “inspiration” itself. Your inspiration needs to be supported by a plan. That’s what keeps you in the game.

Need assistance with a plan?

That’s where coaching comes in! My job as a Passion Coach is to assist you in creating an action plan that supports you daily and keeps you accountable.

New to coaching and don’t know much about it?

I feel the best way to understand coaching is to experience it! Sign up for a risk-free Breakthrough Introduction Connection (BIC) and experience the value of committed coaching that’s customized for you and your goals.

Don’t just be inspired, be committed and show your commitment with a plan. That’s when you’ll get things done and really conquer the ‘bright side’.

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