The Gifts

Another morning I wake up smiling; thankful for all that I have and grateful for the beautiful adventures and new discoveries that will be presented throughout my day!

It’s funny what we take for granted in this world. For example in just waking up, we don’t even think about having breath and being able to breathe. We just expect that the oxygen will be there to supply our bodies with the necessary matter in order to function. While I’m not suggesting you spend your time waiting for the next breath, recognize that you don’t have to. You’ve been blessed with the gift of life, and with life you have be given the opportunity to share your talents with the world! Because you’re not spending your time concerned and worried about having oxygen, all of your time and energy can be invested into the things you enjoy doing most. If you ask me, that’s a beautiful gift! So, if you’re not spending your time worrying about oxygen, the thing that literally allows you to live, then why are you spending your time worrying about other things? Think about it, you don’t give a second thought to oxygen—the source that literally fuels your body.

This is because you have trust, and consider you’ve trained yourself to have this trust. You’ve trained yourself SOOO well that it’s not even a consideration on your agenda. Unless you’re an astronaut, I highly doubt your daily agenda includes “One: worry about oxygen supply”. You simply trust that the oxygen will be there. And from where does this oxygen come? Consider, you don’t think twice about from where this infinite, abundant supply of oxygen is coming. You’re not going to your window in the morning to check the “oxygen metre” then spending hours worrying about the potential ‘low levels’ and from where this new supply will be shipped. You’ve completely ‘let go’ of that concern as well.

So here you are, giving no thought to having control over the very matter that fuels your life because you ‘trust’ that it will be there. Additionally, you’ve ‘let go’ of your need to control ‘how’, ‘from where’ and ‘when’ this supply will come; yet, in many other facets of your life what you lack most is ‘trust’ and the ability to ‘let go’.

Interesting, no?

What if I told you you’ve mastered these skills? Think about it: You’ve been doing these two things from the moment you were born into this world and took your first breath.  So if you ask me, I would say that we’re all experts in the field of ‘trust’ and ‘letting go’. If that’s the fact, then what’s the problem? Why are you hung up, caught up, fed up, ‘messed’ up, and choked up, about other stuff? Seriously, you’ve trained yourself to have trust and let go regarding this notion of oxygen; again, the source that gives you life, so why do you believe you can’t train yourself in other areas of your life?  Why are you closing yourself off and limiting yourself? Why are you so caught up in having all the answers when from the moment you were born, you’ve managed without the answers and concerns of ‘the how’, ‘the when’ and ‘the why’?

This thought came to me on Saturday night, after our friends hosted yet another intriguing discussion night. The topic this week was “How the media influences us” and this week’s facilitator was a young man named Ahmed from Iraq. The room was filled with about 20 people from several different countries which included India, Iran, Iraq, Brazil, Germany, France, Canada and South Korea. The discussion was very powerful, primarily because Ahmed shared how he hasn’t spoken to his family in over 2 months; actually, he has no idea if they’re even still alive because of the mass killings that are continually taking place in his native city. He detailed the last time he spoke to his family, the conversation ended with his father saying ‘this could be good bye for good’ and then hung up.

In 2011, I had the opportunity to visit Lebanon and live with a Palestinian family on a refugee camp. While I cannot compare my week long experience to those who have spent their entire lives living in volatile regions and war torn countries, the experience provided me the opportunity to recognize all that I take for granted each and every day. Beyond not having basic facilities and amenities such as clean water and electricity, you are constantly ‘walking on eggshells’. Your day could end with a bomb in your living room, a fierce beating or a dead relative. I will never forget the way people looked at me during my time there. When I asked my host why they looked at me this way, she responded by saying ‘…they are wondering why you are here. Why anyone would come to a place like this. You have the greatest gift – freedom.” While I saw that experience as ‘educational’, for them this was their life –every single day. They face conflicts of extreme magnitude; many of which most of us will never have to encounter.

Hearing Ahmed’s story was an instant reminder of my time in Lebanon and how simply having oxygen in our lungs every day IS a gift. Having life IS a gift. Having freedom IS a gift. Waking up in a peaceful space, inhaling toxic free air, and washing our face with clean water IS a gift. Rest for a moment in the thought of all that you have and consider it is ALL a gift. Ahmed instantly reminded me that no matter the worry or concern I’m facing, I have life and freedom. And if I’m going to be ‘hung up’ on anything, it should be on the fact that I have those two things.

I invite you to rediscover your ability to ‘trust’ and ‘let go’, and apply them in all facets of your life. Likely, you already possess the most valuable gifts. As such, all other concerns and worries seem insignificant do they not?

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