The Divine Lessons in Loss

This morning I received word from a close childhood friend that her mother (Kathy), someone who I considered a second-mom, passed away. Upon reading the news, my cheeks turned red and my eyes overflowed with tears but then almost instantly, I could hear the sound of Kathy’s voice in my head, and a rush of calm and peace came over me.

Why I was initially sad when I heard the news was that I would no longer hear her loving words of support and encouragement. Kathy was a woman who stood for others which meant she was always supportive of you and your journey; never judging or proposing an alternative course. She always made you feel as though you mattered and that your presence on this earth was valued and important. As such, she felt it was only appropriate to support you on your divine path. She was loving, compassionate, kind, good-hearted and truthfully, I cannot think of one time where she failed to convey any of these characteristics.

Kathy had been ill for some time and did not want anyone to have any memory of her suffering. She wanted to be remembered as the beautiful, vibrant, positive person that she was and for that reason, she kept very quiet about her pain and struggle. She’s someone who recognized that we are more than the body we inhabit on a daily basis – we are the divine souls within these outer shells. I commend her for keeping quietly to herself during these difficult last few months of life. She believed that life is beautiful – always – and just because one might be experiencing pain and struggle, does not mean one should think differently about life or use that as a reason to act in a malicious or cruel manner. She accepted what life presented her, took it and chose to be a silent rock star!

So of course I had to ask myself, what’s the divine lesson in this experience of loss? Well, it invited me to consider how people will remember me when I cross over. Kathy’s death allowed me to realize that if I’ll remember her for being a kind, loving, supportive soul, how will people remember me? The actions and decisions we make each and every day are part of us, and part of how people know us.

“You always remember how someone made you feel.”

You’ll always remember how a person made you feel. So next time you find yourself annoyed, frustrated or upset ask yourself, if that’s what you wish for people to include as part of their memory make-up of you. This will assist you to stay aligned with who you truly are and allow you to always choose an attitude filled with love and light.

I’ll close with a few lines Kathy sent to me in an email several months ago. Here she mentions that while a persons opinion may differ from yours, it doesn’t make them ‘wrong’. She experienced this by choosing not to use certain medical treatments while her sisters argued she should use these practices. Ultimately, Kathy states that her opinions are not right and theirs wrong, they simply did what worked for them and their beliefs and although that differed from hers it’s OK.

The path of personal growth is never-ending while we’re on this Earth plane.  Judgement is a challenge as we see benefits to modalities that we feel would help someone; however, they have their respective paths as I saw with my sister, two sisters in fact.  No doubt they consider I’m off the wall in my thinking as I choose very different health options.  Mine are not right and theirs wrong. Both of them had complete trust in their doctors and the treatments including chemo and radiation, so it was right for them. But those were not right for me. 

Kathy you are forever remembered and forever loved.

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