The Divine ‘Disaster’


From the moment I landed in Kathmandu, I haven’t stopped moving. My week was spent searching for an apartment, attending meetings and training seminars with a local life-coach, conducting interviews and checking many over-due personal matters off my lengthy ‘to do’ list.

I was greeted at the airport by Pritnam; we met back in April while travelling on local transit. He is also a life-coach and owns his own company called ‘Positive Vibrations’. He conducts training seminars and motivational talks in schools, colleges, universities, and at various companies around Nepal. After we met, I mentioned I would likely be coming back to Nepal after my mountaineering course, so he proposed we reconnect then to explore the possibility of a business partnership. Upon my arrival, we sat down for some time and exchanged ideas and personal goals. We agreed that I would attend his seminars for the next week or two; that way I can observe his training and methods of instruction. As well, he has kindly provided me the opportunity to give motivational talks (30mins-1hr) to his clients so he can see my technique. He’s been running his business for over 10 years and has a ton of contacts and connections. He’s been very generous in the sense that he’s invited me to all of his personal meetings with principal’s and influential opinion leaders who recognize the benefit of personal coaching in the field of self development. We’ll see what evolves from our partnership, but so far all the vibes have been positive!

My first two days in Nepal were spent with two couchsurfers; Natalia and Matthias from Poland and Germany. They were kind enough to host me for a few days while I searched for an apartment. They were super resourceful, and connected me with many people and resources that were helpful in landing me a place very quickly. On Monday, I moved into a giant, five storey *earthquake resistant* home with a fun-loving Nepali family. I occupy the second floor which has its own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and office, while the family lives on the upper floors. It’s nice to live with a family and have contact with them, and then have my own space to retreat too. They are also hosting some friends from out of town so the house is filled with a few twenty-something year olds, which makes for a fun environment. Did I mention they own their own trekking business? I have no doubt this will come in handy at some point.

Like me, Natalia and Matthias are ‘people of many projects’ and beyond doing their day-to-day job for the UN, they started an online dialogue platform to collect stories from those affected by the earthquake. This is relevant and very helpful for my new project…

By now many of you know I’m a strong believer in the power of testimony; so much so, one of the chapter’s in the Passion over Past book is called The Power of Testimony. Testimony provides people with the ability to participate in the better world vision we all desire simply by speaking openly and sharing their experiences. Sharing not only empowers oneself and allows one to realize their own greatness, but one’s experience has the potential to transform and influence the mindset of others as it allows them to consider life in a new, powerful way. I strongly believe that ANY person can transform the life of the other even through small actions such as sharing a personal testimony.

We all have the capacity to spark massive change which can lead to harmony and peace.

And I know for a fact you do not have to have any ‘thing’ or be anyone in order to impact a person. Sharing who you are is the best gift you can give!

Additionally, I choose to live my life whereby I see everything as a miracle. There is always something one can learn from the ‘storms’ of our lives and through nature particularly, I believe everything becomes clear. The Nepal earthquake, for example, reminded us of our insignificance in this world. That there is only so much we can control and it doesn’t distinguish or categorize. When nature takes over, it is then we become simply ‘human’ because our ego vanishes. I believe a lot of beautiful things emerged from this divine ‘disaster’ as such, I am compiling the stories from locals which highlight what they witnessed and learned from this experience. To date, the insights people have shared are extremely moving and because I was here during the earthquake myself, I feel as though we have a connected understanding of the experience. So this is how I’ve been occupying my time…

There is much work to be done here. People are still very much ‘on edge’ as the aftershocks are frequent. We had one the other night which was strong enough to make people flee their homes at 10pm. I guess you could say the aftershocks keep you ‘awake’ meaning, you’re more connected to the idea of living HERE and NOW because you’re constantly present to the fragility of life. There’s nothing to fear, since we can’t worry about something we have no control over. What will happen will happen, all we can control is our opinion about the experience and how we choose to let it affect us.

Here is the link to the earthquake discussion group Natalia and Matthias created called Future Makers Nepal

Here is the link to my two part post about my experience of the earthquake as I was trekking in the Himalaya’s during that time. Part OnePart Two

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