The Big 50!

MANY fabulous moments beyond the run were recorded during the 50km vertical challenge. I definitely made an effort to let the race Director know how much I enjoyed not only the race, the post-race pizza and beer while sitting in the Mad river, but how the overall experience was unique and touching. Most runners are exhausted at the end of a race; stumbling around very ‘dazed and confused’ looking to grab there stuff and go. But at Creemore, it was great that participants were in no rush to go anywhere once they crossed the finish line. Everyone stuck around, sweaty and muddy, enjoying the company of other runners and the fabulous volunteers (who you often don’t get to thank during a run). I wish I could have camped for the weekend and got to know some of the participants better since there were some real legends among the crowd and of course, they are the one’s who are too humble to talk about their success.I am so grateful that my body was in full-swing for the big day and we couldn’t have asked for a better day! The weather was crystal-clear and though it was hot, I somehow managed to not let the heat bother me. I’ve been really training my mindset; making sure I’m actively choosing my thoughts/ attitude consistently throughout the day and evidently it’s paying off. My day could have been spent “over-heating”, but instead my focus was not on how hot it was was, rather how much fun I was having! As such, all that was produced was positive, cool energy! 

I read on the Race Director’s post-race report and the race was down in numbers (from 250 to 193 participants) this year which is turn meant they lost money. It would be truly devastating if this race was cancelled. It is very rare that one is able to run a trail which such small community of people in a beautiful quiet part of Ontario. As much as I enjoy the enthusiasm and support that comes with big crowds at big races, I sincerely loved the peaceful run, in the middle of nowhere with nothing more than my thoughts and trees. 



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