Laska has wisdom beyond her years, I was fortunate enough to meet her before a presentation she held at a Women’s Economic Forum in India, May 2016. She’s courageous, innovative, and gets your attention by her shining countenance. Laska’s high quality presentation enthused me to consider some of the adventures she’s undertaken, and am highly impressed by her spirit! Tom Smilovitis, Chairman of Pharos to Serve

Laska speaks from her soul and moves people to action with her words and writing. I remember feeling a deep sense of calm, focus and determination after our communication. Not only is she determined to get you on track and living from a place of joy, her ideas, strategies and tools all help to achieve this. Deeply grateful and moved, I can’t believe I’m living my passions and being paid to do it! – Sahana Murthy, Henna Artist.

From the day I met Laska and the next 5 months after, I got a unique perspective of looking at life. Talking to her brought a lot of clarity to my life, and she is mature beyond her years! You will be amazed at what she comes up with; never considering before that THAT is the ‘thing’ holding you back from having a breakthrough in your life. Very energetic, lively, and always ready for an adventure, working with Laska had a profound impact on my life! – Ashutosh Saran, Senior Level Testing &Technology Professional

After my first meeting with Laska, I knew that I had met someone special! Her energy is contagious and her perspectives about life are powerful, logical, and easy to apply. Laska brought clarity to my world that transformed both my business and personal choices. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her and learn from her. I now see that I can accomplish anything! – Bikash Gyawali, Founder & CEO Websequel LLC

For several months I was struggling with habits I needed to change in order to get more organized with my personal projects. Finding Laska in Kathmandu was a gift for me. She helped me get the ideas down to a level where it seemed possible to start and continue. Creative minds can spend a lot of time in the wonderful world of ideas but not so much in the actual workspace where the magic truly happens. Laska had useful and practical advice to share, which helped me do the work. Having weekly meetings over coffee was very helpful, not only to discuss the progress and challenges, but to also gain new insight for the steps ahead. She was able to help me in my personal journey during the months we worked together. Her honest smile and determination in life are truly inspiring. I hope I get the opportunity to work in person with Laska again. Meanwhile, her email support has helped me a great deal because there are doubts, frustrations and challenges that often times arise. She is very responsive and accessible. It has been a true gift working with Laska and learning from her own personal and professional experience and from her savvy technical skills. – DVE, Elephant Soul Crafts

I consulted with Laska for branding and marketing help for my Hair Salon. Whether using email or Skype, her Passion Coaching is extremely detailed. The best thing about any discussion with Laska is she won’t influence you to take a decision, she will only help you see what you really want/ need, and support you in your own decisions. I had a tough time making small decisions in life and that’s where I felt stuck. But through Laska’s email coaching, she helped me get through and find a way out for myself. She’s very mature in her work ethic, and her knowledge is vast. She does her homework and definitely gives her 200%! I would recommend the email coaching mainly because it’s something you can read and re-read again and again and this helped me a lot. Whatever your profession, I think her thoughts are very streamlined as per your requirements. Thank you Laska for helping me with Bizarre’s branding and marketing strategies. – Creative Sr Stylist and Proprietor at Bizarre -The Salon

Laska’s workshops on strategic business marketing are refreshing, motivational and inspiring. Through her insightful, informative and invaluable one on one sessions, we were able to identify and update current marketing practices for my luxury Destination Wedding | Travel | Lifestyle Photography business in alignment with current trends keeping it innovative, relevant, and competitive. Highly recommended! – Josephine Ki Photography