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Coaching business leaders: Why coaching an Executive can put employees to passionate action!

 executivesYou know with the right tools, you can fix a particular problem. You can’t drive a nail into wood with a wrench—you need a hammer. This is true with coaching. When you’re given the right tools not only can you fix problems, but you have the power to create outstanding work.

It’s one thing, however, to develop something yourself. Consider it really takes some ‘thing’ to lead and train a team to passionate action; lead them to a place where they fix problems themselves, create outstanding work AND make profit.This is why strong leadership from business leaders is fundamental.

When Executives are ‘clear’, they can become a powerful force for a company; moving their teams to consistently employ perspectives, skills, and strategies that will allow the company to succeed and prosper.

And in order to remain clear, Executives require consistent coaching; as they are the ones to whom employees turn when the environment becomes complex.

Overwhelm can be very crippling, causing distraction, procrastination and isolation. Since Executives are the ones who spend grueling hours on the job and are often on the road away from home, having a sound board – someone who assists in reducing the strain on their lives – and supports their performance, allows them to be more clear and happy on a daily basis.

While it’s important for Executives to have quantitative capabilities, having people-oriented skills builds trust with employees.

This leads employees to passionate action – working harder and caring more about the company’s welfare even when absent from an Executives’ presence.

Coaches train Executives how to make connections with their teams and build trust instead of simply giving them a list of expectations.

Connection is viewed as a ‘force’ while expectation is viewed as a ‘threat’.

When Executives are trained on how to connect rather than threaten, the organization thrives, teamwork soars, and the bottom line grows.

For this reason, it’s fundamental for an Executive to feel they’re taken care of. When they have the reassurance that someone is looking out for them, then their focus becomes the team. And when the team feels they’re a priority, the company’s culture is revitalized, sales goals are exceeded, relationships flourish and the organizations employees stay committed to the firm.

When Executives are coached they stay ‘clear’, and that clarity creates power which moves employees to action and ensures they’re consistently obtaining top performance.

If you’re an Executive looking to explore what’s possible for your team and company, consider working with a Coach.You have everything to gain and nothing to lose from this encounter. Executives are busy people and this is why as a Coach, I offer Email Coaching because it’s flexible, easily accessible and perfect for those who rather communicate in word.

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