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What it really means to live ‘passionately over your past’.

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If you peruse my coaching website, you’ll likely come across these lines:

– Live passionately over your past experiences!

– Create a passion-filled life you love!

– Connect your head with your heart and live passionately!

While all that might sound appealing, I suppose you’re wondering how it is you’re going to achieve a ‘passion-filled’ life and how I (a Passion Coach) and my coaching insights will assist you in doing this.

I welcome your skepticism and questions!

It might be difficult to see the point in spending hard earned money on a complete stranger (like a Passion Coach) who claims they’re going to provide you with ‘valuable’ coaching tools and insights that will enhance your life and live passionately. But, don’t you think it’s odd we also spend a lot of money on ‘things’, such as costly brands, in hopes they’ll makes us feel better and live with passion?

We tell ourselves, “Once I get that Mercedes, then I’ll be happy” or “If I fly First Class, then I’ll be respected and successful.”

The truth is, we’re constantly spending money on ‘things’ that we believe will add value to our lives and have us living beyond our past experiences.

So let me ask you this, look at your home and just notice all the ‘things’ you’ve purchased. Now, consider the things you might be currently looking to purchase or are saving up to buy.

Got it?

Ok, now consider a time when you felt valued, loved, respected, and purposeful in life and ask yourself, if any of those ‘things’ or purchases had anything to do with those feelings…

Maybe you felt a sense of accomplishment in your career by being able to afford a particular condo or house. But consider, the feelings of success didn’t come from the purchase and what you physically gained; rather, those feelings came from acknowledging the accomplishment of the journey—seeing where you once were and where you’ve reached. The purchase or ‘thing’ isn’t the goal, it’s simply the ‘proof’ we give ourselves in ‘reality’ to validate these  feelings and sense of accomplishment.

But the ‘real’ sense of passionate pride comes from recognizing the journey and all that you learned and gained (inwardly) through this process.

This includes the people you met, the experiences you shared, how you expanded yourself and grew… THAT’S the the real meaning of what it means to LIVE PASSIONately over your past.

But often, our focus becomes the ‘stuff’ and the ‘things’, and we fail to even acknowledge our progressive steps because we’re too caught up in achieving the thing. Once we’ve accomplished a feat we fail to simply pause and say, “Good job, I’ve made it this far” and instead tell ourselves, “I’m almost there”.

My job as a Passion Coach is to get you realizing what it REALLY means to live passionately over your past experiences and I can tell you, it’s not about the ‘stuff’. Although it’s nice to have those ‘things’ and can feel rewarding, if the feelings don’t last that means you haven’t truly acknowledged the accomplishment inwardly and all that you’ve gained to date. If you did, you wouldn’t feel a sense of ongoing ‘lack’.

When you’re able to take those feelings of pride, accomplishment, respect, value and purpose, and use it as a source that fills you instead as fuel for your wish list, it’s then you’ve realize how to powerfully connect your head with your heart, in order to realize true happiness and internal peace.

And when you can create your life from this place—drawing pride and confidence from these internal feelings, not the external stuff—it is then you REALLY create a passion-filled life that includes but is not limited to nice cars, fancy houses, expensive brands, etc.

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