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Consultants, Counselors, Life-Coaches… What’s the difference and who to hire?


Like many of you, I remember a time when there were a select few jobs: a Fireman, a Nurse, a Lawyer, a Doctor… Now it seems I hear about a new job, career or profession almost every day!

While the Internet has played a large role in this, many of these professions have popped up in the field of Human Resources.

Human Resources (HR) is focused on learning and development. It’s believed the more time invested in individuals, the more companies will gain economically as their employees are happy and succeeding with confidence. As such, in recent years there’s been an enormous expansion in corporate HR departments.

All this investment in understanding, teaching, and developing individuals has turned the once small “Self Development” section in book stores into entire departments. Self development books and people offering coaching and mentoring services to improve business and personal performance has grown aggressively in the last decade. And for those curious individuals looking to develop and manage themselves further by obtaining additional guidance, support, assistance, help, or advice, they may find themselves confused.

Consultants, Life-Coaches, Therapists, Psychologists, Counselors…The list of professional mentors seems infinite and overwhelming, doesn’t it?

So, What’s the difference between them? Which one is right for me? and Who should I hire?

Since Coaching is my field of expertise, I’ll give you the details about what Life-Coaching (or PASSION Coaching) has to offer.

I believe Life-Coaching borrows from both consulting and counseling; fostering a unique context for learning and development.

For example, counselors often focus on the past while consultants are paid to come-up with answers. Life-Coaches, however, focus on the future and are paid to ask the ‘right’ questions, rather than simply provide answers.

Life-Coaches facilitate a discussion, rather than simply listening or authoritatively telling the clients what needs to happen. Life-Coaches guide the conversation, but allow the client to discover their own path, think critically, and choose what works for them and their life.

I don’t believe my job as a Coach is to give the client the answers and truthfully, my answers might not fit their life because we’re all different; we all live, work, process and experience information differently. However, what I do share with clients is a new perspective from which they can expand their possibilities, identify their strengths, and obtain new approaches to situations.

Years ago, I worked with a counselor on a weekly basis to overcome a sexual harassment experience. While I really liked my counselor and was grateful for the time I had to speak with him, I always left his sessions feeling empty handed. I felt I had no direction to deal with circumstances I faced on a daily basis. I was never given tools, strategies or even ideas of ones I could use or consider. This I had to learn and develop on my own and the tools I developed ended up being fundamental for my growth; especially since I had to train myself with strategies to cope and manage panic attacks.

This experience, however, led me to where I am now; this place where I go beyond simply listening to a client’s situation and provide answers accordingly. Instead, I offer support during their transition by giving perspective about the situation and provide tools that will get clients moving powerfully and confidently beyond their limitations (or perceived limitations).

While I love my clients, I don’t wish to work with them forever. I rather they be self-sustaining. This is why I developed specialized exercises, tools and principles which you get access to in my coaching programs. I wish for my clients to be trained on ‘what to do’ should a “panic attack” moment arise. I wish for them to be enabled and empowered, rather than running from situations and waiting to tell me about it at our next session.

Ultimately, no matter the professional you end up choosing, be sure there’s a connection between you and your mentor. Also, if you find yourself feeling dependent on him/her for answers, then move on to someone else. Why work with a mentor who isn’t interested in coaching you to embody the radiant, confident Self that you are?

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I strongly believe in the power of connection between a Coach and a client, this is why I offer a trial coaching session. I call the trial a BIC (Breakthrough Introduction Connection) because I know you’ll experience a breakthrough during our connection.

I wish you much love and support on your passionate journey and remember, it’s never too late to create what’s possible for you!

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