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Passion Coaching Tip: Bend with the wind storms, only then will you keep from breaking.


Palm trees are some of the strongest trees on the planet. Although, they could convince anyone otherwise with their tall, skinny, curvy trunks and dangly palms; making them appear unperturbed and mellow.

Yet when massive storms hit with blowing winds at high speeds, you won’t see palms trees being uprooted and destroyed.


They sway and bend with the wind.

While other trees with thick trunks and deep roots crack and brake during hurricane-force winds, palm trees bend and flex; ultimately withstanding destructive forces and remain grounded.

What does this mean?

Palm trees are examples which highlight that flexibility is a sign of strength.

Coming from a culture which is trained to believe we have to be a dominant, strict, rigid forces in order to succeed, makes this point of ‘flexibility’ seem ridiculous. But hear me out. . . 

We’re constantly faced with different ‘storms’ in life; a close friend or relative passes away, illness or disease creeps into the body, a job was lost and not recovered. . .

Yet, each time a storm hits you have a choice; you can choose to break and crumble or to bend and be flexible. When powerful forces beyond your control push you in a particular direction, don’t stand firmly and resist it; rather, bow (like a palm tree) and allow yourself to lean into it.

When you allow yourself to be free of rigid rules, you become more capable of adapting to whatever comes your way in the future. As well, you experience what true strength and resilience really is.

We’re all guilty of being stiff in our ways, but if you work to achieve greater flexibility, the next storm that comes your way will be seen as an opportunity to bend and adapt rather than break.

The first step to living like a palm tree is working to remove the dominant influence your ego has over you and re-train your brain of all that ‘authority’ power conditioning.

While it’s not always easy to change the way you think, if you’re open and willing to obtain new perspectives and bend, what’s available for you is deep strength that will survive any storm.

If you’re not sure how to take those first steps, then consider a one of my coaching programs. Whether it’s for business or life, my program tools and exercises will have you considering all possibilities; allowing you to break from attachments that have been restricting you, and have you making choices from a place of strength and flexibility.

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Remember, if you’re passionate and committed, anything is possible! 

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