Sunday Runday

Last Sunday (March 2nd) was a taper run, which essentially means a run with reduced kilometres. One would think I’d eagerly wake up and hop out of bed  ecstatic  knowing I only had a “short” 19km run on a frosty Sunday morning. Instead I woke up annoyed; having to literally slap myself into a state of consciousness. Twice during the night the fire alarm went off, and although residents were not required to evacuate the building, in both cases the alarm rang for roughly 45 minutes. It is important to note that one of the alarms is conveniently located directly above my bed while the other is situated in the common room right above my sofa. As a result, the strategic placement of the alarms left me zero sleeping alternatives. I’ll be honest and confess that I did briefly considered the bathtub as a viable option; however, “someone” forgot to wipe their hair off the shower walls and I was not motivated to break out the Mr.Clean at 3am. I should also confess that I live alone, therefore I have no one blame for the “wall-hair-monster” except myself.

Anyway, I bet you’re thinking that this is an easy solve: “Laska, have you heard of ears plugs”? While I appreciate the suggestion, let’s be realistic‒those little foam carrots were not going to dilute the sound of a fog horn alarm. They barely muffle the sound of a purring cat for crying out loud! What it came down to was turning my attention to the bright side of the situation. I won’t argue with the fact that a late night visit from a man in uniform is definitely a plus. Of course, none of the bone heads responsible for this mess chose to tamper with the fire equipment on MY floor; meaning I wasn’t going to get any knocks at suite 2008. Don’t worry, I plan to leave a note in the elevator which states the following; “For future reference buttheads, don’t be so selfish! Next time tamper with fire equipment on the 20th floor so THIS single lady can at least be hopeful she might get something out of the evening. Also, consider that you can easily find something else to pull for amusement other than that red thing on the wall”! As you can see, I’m assuming the bone heads responsible for this mess were men.

Anyway, I typically check the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) application on my phone prior to leaving my suite. The app tells you exactly when the street car will be passing by your stop so that passengers don’t have to linger in the cold. Yet for whatever reason, the application was down that morning; as such, I decided to leave early. I had roughly five minutes, according to the set schedule, before the street car would arrive, so of course I was shocked when I exited the building only to watch it fly by. “NOOOO” I screamed. Since transit runs less frequently on Sundays, missing this car would mean I would miss my group run. Luckily, I was already suited up in my running attire and began chasing the Rocket (that’s what the street car is called). And realistically, what runner wouldn’t want a pre-warm up run? I ran about 200 metres and thankfully the driver saw me and slammed on his breaks. I boarded the Rocket, thanking him for stopping, and proceeded to find a seat. The next thing I knew, the driver came on the speaker and announced “Attention passengers. I’m sorry to disturb you, but I just wanted you all to be aware that Rocket Man leaves NO ONE BEHIND”! Immediately everyone started to laugh and cheer and it instantly made me forget how exhausted I was. Amazing how one simple act can easily change the mood of 50 some people early on a Sunday morning!

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