Seize the day TODAY!

Last week, I received news that a childhood friend passed away in a car accident. This is the second time in the last year that a close friend (my age) has passed on from this world.

I had the pleasure of reconnecting with Vincent in April for the first time since 2002. He came to Toronto where myself and three of my elementary colleagues met up, reminisced about old times and together we made plans to reunite again in July. After calming myself from the initial shock of the news, I had to ask “why did this occur”?

I believe that everything in life is an experience and experiences happen for a reason. However, when someone young and close to you vanishes without word, finding a reason for the cause in something considered ‘tragic’ can be difficult. Yet after taking time to think, what came to mind was that we all eventually pass on – it’s just a matter of when. While we have the power to plan our lives and take action when we want, that does not necessarily mean the plan will be outlived the way we intend. More often than not, the unexpected and unplanned adventures are the most memorable and fun! In many instances, I’ve gone for a run with the intent on running a particular route, and instead found myself on a thrilling adventure to the unknown! The result was me feeling happy and a sense of gratitude for having taken a wrong turn because it allowed me to discover a new path, witness new sights, encounter new people and challenge my body and mind in a new way.

My unexpected experience in graduate school led me to the world of running – a place I would have otherwise not considered for myself. Yet today, it’s the place that brings me comfort, clarity and constant happiness.

The lesson I’ve learned from my friends who have unexpectedly chosen a new path in another world is that you only have so much time here in this world. The amount of time is unknown, so ensure that every day you’re choosing to spend your time doing what you love and living a life you love!

 We often let routines and schedules determine the extent to which we ‘seize the day’. Instead, decide how you want to actually spend your day and let everything else just fall into place. Life has a way of working itself out if you believe that it does. 

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