Rest Day?

I don’t know the exact rules about “rest days”, but what I’ve gathered over the years is while it is important to train hard, it is also crucial that your body gets rest. As such, you’ll often see scheduled rest days as part of a fitness routine. However more recently I’ve learned the term ‘rest’ varies according to the person. While some consider a “rest day” to not include any additional movement beyond the steps it takes to get you to your freezer (where the Magnum ice cream bars sleep) and back to your sofa; others define a “rest day” as a day to practice yoga, lift fewer sets or the option stands to do a light run ‒ ‘light’ meaning you grow wings which allow you to levitate just above the pavement providing a less intense impact. In any case, when I heard my alarm and found myself unable to open my eyes, I decided it would be a rest day. After my extra hour of sleep I got up, got ready, and for the first two hours of my day I was content since the possibility for me to do a workout in the evening still existed. Yet once back home, I convinced myself that dusting was much more important, so instead of lacing up my gym shoes I Swiffered. Some would call this procrastination, but it my head the dust balls were multiplying by the second and therefore needed to be dealt with immediatly. By 5:45pm I felt a little guilty about my decision and tried to make up for it by doing a few burpees; eight to be exact. In any case, I had to be out the door by six in order to catch the streetcar. I grabbed my jacket, locked my door and headed to the elevator slightly disappointed that I couldn’t even get ten burpees in, but then a miracle happened! A light started flashing and a deep voice began to speak from above: “Attention residents. The fire department is responding to a call in building C; therefore, the elevators will be out of service until they arrive. Please use the stairs”.  Wow, the universe must have sensed my disappointment since not only did they provide me with an opportunity to workout, BUT it also sent firemen! Could this Friday night get any better? And just when I thought nothing good ever came from fire alarms. I live on the twentieth floor and of course, I only had about five minutes before the street car was going to pass my house. Yet there I was, in high heels, excited to conquer the concrete stairs. Round and round and round I went, trying not to slip, hoping to get my heart rate up while assessing if I have enough time to prance by the firemen AND catch the streetcar. I reached the ground floor and as I dabbed the sweat from my forehead I heard the sirens. “They’re here”! I exploded through the exit door saw the fire trucks on my left and the street car coming down the street on my right. While the decision was easy (helloooooo firemen) I had tickets to a show and was heading downtown to meet a friend. As such, I decided I’d have to burn some banana bread next week in hopes to have my firemen encounter. I wouldn’t classify my stair-stampede as a work out and honestly, when you’re putting in intense workouts 6 days a week it’s ok to have a real rest day. As such, me and my sweaty forehead were happy and ready to enjoy our Friday night!  

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  1. Emily Branton
    February 3, 2014 at 1:55 pm (4 years ago)

    I find that without rest days, my performance really isn’t there.

    And by rest I really mean a full rest, no activity.

    If I don’t take these days I end up getting the over-training sniffles, which ends up holding me back even more.


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