Passion Over Past

Passion Over Past invites you to consider you’re more powerful than your past experiences; it’s never too late to start your passionate journey and see what’s possible for you! With P>P, not only will you learn to create a passion-filled life you love, but I’ll teach you how to share your passions with others in a way that inspires them to unlock their passion, potential and purpose. 

sahana_passion_over_past“When passion is my source, I produce thoughtful work that attracts many.” ~ Sahana Murthy, Artist
Jacelyn_passion_over_past“When I infuse passion in my music; it radiates soulful meaning and moves my audience.” ~ Jacelyn Holmes, Musician
bikash_passion_over_past.jpg“By investing in my passions, I learned the true value of life, how I can benefit others, and be profitable.” ~ Bikash Gyawali, Entrepreneur

Join P>P and the community of those choosing to live passionately over their past. Share your passionate progress on social media by hashtagging #PassionOverPast. We’d love to celebrate your achievements with you!