Lunch: The vegan way

Lunch: The vegan way

I am not a vegan or a vegetarian. I guess you could say I am a “wanna be” because I greatly respect those who are fully committed to the lifestyle. But in my case, there are some foods that I just refuse to give up. Uh, have you met cheese? That being said, I continually enjoy challenging myself in the kitchen and eating a raw, vegan diet is one of those ways. I love cooking with fresh ingredients and seeing a plate full of colour truly makes me smile! Being a runner, we hear the words “carb and protein” quite frequently and most think the only way to fulfill those needs are through platefuls of pasta with a meaty ground beef sauce. Sure that’s an option, but there are a zillion others that should be considered. I get pretty inventive in the kitchen, primarily because I like to experiment with flavour. I whipped this up today for lunch and it turned out so well I thought I would share the recipe.

– asparagus
– beats
– mushrooms
– Hemp hearts
– raisins
– lentil/ sun dried tomato hummus
– garlic
– onion
– coconut oil
– BRAGG 24 herb/ spice seasoning

In a pan (on low) I added 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. I then added the cut up asparagus and let them simmer (covered for 5-6 minutes). Added minced garlic and onion along with some beat juice. Let it simmer on low for another few minutes. Added mushrooms (halved) and beats which I cubed. Let it simmer for another 5 minutes (stirring occasionally). Sprinkled the veggies with the 24 herb spice seasoning. Plated, sprinkled on hemp seeds, raisins and added a glop of hummus in the middle! Colourful, tasty and simple!


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