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I made this video – A New Beginning – (click to watch) over 13 months ago; 24 hours before I left for India and took a step into a new channel of existence. After re-watching the footage and reflecting on my time here in Asia, I don’t even know that woman anymore; that lady with the red beret, who is she? I have completely transformed since leaving Canada November 3rd, 2014, and what I’ve realized over time is, well, a few things…

That life itself is material education. I now have a degree in being UNSTOPPABLE because I cultivate strength and confidence by remaining open and flexible. I let go of my need to control and that desire to have all the answers; instead, I let myself be open to the world. I began to trust and have faith in life’s natural responses and allowed the power of LIFE to flow through me instead of me trying to make ‘it’ flow. I removed, barriers, boundaries and limitations from my life because of my thoughts and my thoughts alone. Ultimately, in changing my linear thought pattern my presence here on earth completely transformed.

Abandon rigidity and cultivate elasticity.

Since November 3rd, 2014, I’ve been living without attachment to the result. I smile because it makes me happy. I sing because I can. I dance because the vibrations running through my veins makes me feel alive! I don’t concern myself with thoughts about whether or not someone will smile back, hear my out-of-tune song or see my uncoordinated moves, I do what brings me joy and allow the natural response of life to present itself.

All humans were made different; each of us has a unique shape, size, colour, tone, sound, smell, look and style. There is no ‘type’ of human being; as such, there is no specific ‘kind’ of life one should live. There are no set rules, guidelines or ways of being one must follow in order to succeed. Your compass points in the direction of YOUR true hearts calling, and THAT is the direction you should follow, period.

When you align yourself with your passion and your heart, it is then you ‘wake up’ and truly start living! 

YOU are the Master of YOUR life. Don’t wait for ‘luck’ to come because it doesn’t exist. There is no ‘luck’ in my story, I created it! People often tell me how ‘lucky’ I am because of the places I go and the experiences I have. All of it I created – there was no luck involved. I followed my gut, surrendered my thought pattern, dismissed old ways of being and aligned myself with living in the flow of life. Consider the concerns, worries and fears that WE create are what compose the barriers, limitations, and boundaries we encounter in life. If you’re tired of restrictions and exhausted from being the leader, then change your thought pattern. Consider the channel you desire already exists, it’s simply waiting for you to tune in. Once you do, you’ll ride the wave of flow instead of having to row the boat.

If you cannot begin your quest in pursuing your passion today that’s OK, but today you can create a plan.

It took me 3 months to downsize my life in order to leave for India. I set a departure date and each day I took a step in order to reach the goal. There must be a plan, but the key is to remain flexible and allow yourself to be open to new possibilities. I knew that I was going to India, but I surrendered my idea around what that experience looked like. I gave up my attachment to the result and instead, took actions that made me happy and flowed with life naturally.

Remember, you don’t have to go anywhere in order to discover who you really are, since you are where your heart is. Listen to it and I promise, you will be guided to your divine channel.

Lastly, from experience I can share that that which frightens you IS what makes you feel alive – it’s that rush that fuels you! Let LIFE and PASSION run through your veins since when you do, you will start to truly live naturally.

Laska is a Canadian Writer currently living around Asia working on her book project entitled “The Divine ‘Disaster’” which was inspired by the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. Laska invites you to join the movement of those choosing to Live PASSIONately OVER their PAST Experiences by hashtagging #PassionOverPast via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. For more details about Laska and her services check out her website 

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