Living large in a way that works for YOU!

We, as a society, perpetually focus on results. We take action then look to the result as a means to determine what that ‘says’ about who we are as people. I obtained 71% on a test—therefore I am average. I bargained for a deal—therefore I am cheap. I burned cookies—therefore I can’t bake. I ran 5 kilometers in 1 hour—therefore I am slow.

If I told myself two years ago that I was going to be an ultra marathoner, I likely wouldn’t have started running. I would have talked myself out of the feat knowing full well at that time running 2 kilometers seemed impossible. But that’s what we do— we get caught up in the result or the pre-conceived result before taking the first step. We set massive expectations, even with small tasks, and base our emotions on the result which in turn determines our way of being or mindset around the action.

Luckily, two years ago I simply committed to running. I wasn’t caught up in how long I ‘should’ run for or how fast I ‘should’ go, I was committed in getting out of the depressing state I was in which meant any amount of running at any pace was an accomplishment.
Now I have big goals in the running world, but having big goals and dreams isn’t the new ‘should’. Living large is different for everyone; as such the result will be different depending on who you are and what you want for yourself and YOUR life. Live large in a way that works for you! Being present to your BIGness means acknowledging yourself for the steps you do take, no matter how big or small. Don’t focus on the result and get caught up in the “this is what I did, but I should be doing this…” because that just means your comparing yourself to someone else. Ultimately, this is pointless considering you have no idea what they’re aiming for in their world.

So take a step, no matter how big or small. Commit to one thing and see what opens up! I blew myself away this week with swimming. I told myself “just get to the pool”; therefore, anything after getting to the pool was an accomplishment. So yay to me for hopping in and swimming some laps!

How are you going to live large in your world this week?

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  1. Noel Matchett
    June 17, 2014 at 6:52 pm (4 years ago)

    Wow! So true…Thanks Laska!


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