Hey there. I’m Laska!

IMG_6027A curious writer, an aspiring mountaineer and a committed passion coach.

I want to help you realize your potential so you can get everything you want out of life. Why? Because you deserve happiness and success! 

After finishing my university degree and settling into a routine, I came face-to-face with reality. This couldn’t be life, I remember thinking. Where was the adventure? The passion! The punch!!

Desperate to find the answers, I sold everything I owned and moved to India, No, I had never been to India, but it seemed so vibrant, attractive and magical compared to my life in Canada. With only my hiking boots, laptop and a desire to make a difference, I moved my comfortable life in Toronto in hopes to create a passionate life for myself. It was a sweaty, crowded process of discovery among its billions of people; not to mention, a constant battle with noise, pollution and culture shock, but eventually things started to come together. 

Within a year I published a self-development book, started a coaching company, climbed a few mountains and heired the title ‘Iconic Women in Mountaineering & Adventure’ by the global women’s network All Ladies League (ALL). And that’s just the beginning. 

DSCN4730Even though I had debt, fear and the odds against me, I believed in myself and my passions, and that’s how I succeeded and continue to create possibility in my life. Now I love teaching people like you how to get the results you desire. 

My Coaching programs will allow you to discover what you most want, along with creating an action plan for success. Whether you’re looking for personal or professional guidance, I’ll help you create a passion-filled life you absolutely love! Have a read through my testimonial page and see what clients have to say about their inspired journey. 

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