Hi ho hi ho through the slush and snow we go!

It was one of those weeks where I had to continually remind myself that I love winter running. The sidewalks were packed with snow which made footing attempts look like ‘enhanced’ moves by Fred Astaire.The slush piles were deceivingly deep – not only leaving me with wet, squishy shoes but muddy, soaked socks. Thank goodness for the amazing technology of Point6 socks (http://www.point6.com/) – what a lifesaver! Due to the mountains of snow that fell all day Wednesday, I traded my 10km run for a Tabata workout. Remember, if you trade or switch a workout you should keep the same time of the one you originally scheduled. So if your 10km run usually takes roughly an hour, make sure the substitute is another high endurance activity that takes the same amount of time. Also, I cannot stress enough my new found love for Tabata! You can easily download an application for free on your smart phone and it’s very straight forward. The benefits include; first, due to the intensity of the circuit you shed more inches and calories in a shorter amount of time. Second, you build strength and increase your endurance without the need of any gym equipment. Third, and most importantly, if you’re single and seeking to capture the attention of another, I promise the buckets of sweat dripping from your body will capture their attention. If not, then you’re not giving it all you’ve got! In my view it’s a no brainer, but don’t let me be the judge – “just do it” and tell me how it goes!

By the time Thursday rolled around, the sidewalks were a slip’n slide and I, more often than not, found myself bumping into innocent pedestrians carrying groceries than maintaining a reputable stride. I choose not to run with yaktrax which made the long, gradual hill inclines extremely unfriendly. As such, when the calves shrieked with pain, I yelled back “I love the snow. I love the snow” and occasionally thought about eating chocolate. It is true that I much prefer running through the frosty winter months than the sizzling summer days, but there are times when I wonder “seriously, what am I doing”?! Of course, that thought is very brief because the second I re-read my goals I know that all the slush, snow, sweat and stupidity will be worth it once I cross the finish line. That being said, today I officially signed up for the Creemore Vertical Challenge (50km) on July 5, 2014! I can’t stress enough the importance of booking a race. When money is on the line, you won’t want to see it go to waste, and I assure you that if you book a race, you will instantly start working toward the goal and seek out the means in order to take action! And don’t forget to share your goal OUTLOUD and with others. Not only do you need the support and the accountability, but you will start to believe that you can do it when you start saying it! This passed week, I made my next goal vocal in the National Post. Now the whole nation knows what I’m working toward which will certainly make me think twice before cutting a run short or pressing snooze! So let’s hear those goals folks!


Burpee count: 307

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