Global Parity: Is it possible? #PassionOverPast says YES!

To my sisters around the globe: Happy International Women’s Day!

I have chosen today—International Women’s Day (#IWD)—a day intended to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the globe, to publicly announce the launch of my company Passion Over Past (P>P). While I am grateful that today, female entrepreneurship is more widely welcomed, supported, and accepted, we must continue to live passionately over our past experiences and work together to ensure parity in all circumstances—not simply gender equality.

The common thread we all share is that we are all human—created by a divine Source. And neither our gender, caste, race, culture, nationality, class, economic status, should affect the fact that we are ALL equally human, and equally entitle to love and respect.

The world is changing. Society has begun to expand its scope and I believe people are taking steps to actively re-program their conditioning. There is a motivation to learn, a hunger to serve, and a sincere desire to educate and develop our fellow brothers and sisters rather than judge and suppress them. No matter your upbringing, nationality, or past experiences, society as a whole has a shared responsibility: to assist and bring awareness to one another, and that awareness is solidified through education.

True change is a process, but the benefit of our modern era is we have been given a powerful tool—the Internet—which can be used to accelerate the process of sharing and educating our global community. Like any tool, however, it comes with a disclaimer as it can be used to either unite us in a positive way or divide us. So, we need to be mindful of our actions and what we ‘choose’ to post and share, communicate and educate. The next time you’re about to make a post public on social media, consider asking yourself, “Does this status update reflect MY stand, and will it contribute and educate the online world in a positive manner?” Remember, each and every one of your daily actions highlight what you truly stand for.  

I believe we have ignited an unstoppable flame of compassion, and if we utilize our differences and work together, that flame will not be extinguished by outside forces. IWD is a day for women, but also a day where we acknowledge a collective movement of love and leadership. If we continue to expand our scope and choose not to be barricaded by the restrictions and limitations created by past events (P>P), we will drive change and innovation in all walks of life, and the global community will live happily as equals.

Looking to expand your personal/ professional limits, passionately live over your past experiences, and write the next chapter of your life with confidence and passion? Work With Me and see what’s possible for YOU.

Share your Passions. #PassionOverPast

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