From TTC to TTS – a new mode of transport on the Toronto circuit

For the last 3 months I have been using a fabulous transport agency in Toronto called TTS which I coined and stands for ‘Transport Thy Self’. Since April, I’ve started to count the days I take city transport versus the days I run because running is my form of transport. I transport myself everywhere on foot and now that I’ve been doing it for a few months, it seems less like this ‘thing I do’ and more like something that is simply a part of daily my routine.

Training for ultras requires a lot of time. Since there are only so many hours in a day and one is only blessed with so much energy, you have to be conscious in choosing where that time and energy goes. The most effective way to do the training was to commit to using my body as a vehicle. This idea has proven to be a great not solely for training purposes, but has provided perspective, clarity and growth in all facets of my life!

The discipline I’ve gained through the act of ‘self-transport’ has catapulted my energy, my physique and my mental stamina to a new level. Relying on one’s body as a mode of transportation reinforces the necessity and importance of caring for yourself. For example, in the past I rarely took the time to stretch after runs. You could detail the pro’s and con’s of stretching till I was blue in the face, but after a long run I typically found myself taking care of ‘other’ essentials such as eating, showering and vegging on the sofa. Since choosing to rely on my body as my only source of transport, I have become very committed to stretching. The psychology around seeing myself as a vehicle that needs to be in tip-top-shape every day, has enabled me to take pride in the body I have been blessed with by consistently doing the necessary maintenance. A car needs gas to go and my body needs to be stress free in order to run. Ultimately, if I don’t take the time to nurture the vehicle, how can I expect extraordinary results?

By altering the perspective of myself and the context through which I viewed my body, my entire regime has transformed. I revisited the ‘fuel’ category (nutrition), and over the last few months I took new nutritional steps in order to improve the vehicles (my body’s) performance. They say using quality products, such as premium oil, enhance the performance of a car. Therefore, consuming the best foods and practicing new nutritional methodologies may result in a new level of optimal health.

Roughly 14 days before the Creemore Ultra I did the Master Cleanse – more commonly known as the lemonade diet. The 10 day cleanse is a detox during which time one does not consume anything beyond the special lemonade drink. The drink consists of 4 ingredients; organic lemon juice, organic cayenne pepper, pure grade maple syrup mixed with quality water. For most this sounds like torture, and I admit that before reading the book (The Complete Master Cleanse by Tom Woloshyn) I too had my doubts. Especially since I was drastically changing my diet two weeks before a race which to most runners is a BIG no no. But committed to the intent of improving my health and empowering my level of responsibility, I followed the directions of Mr. Woloshyn and ended the cleanse 7 days before the race feeling stronger and more rejuvenated than ever! I maintained my training while cleansing – never once feeling light headed, faint or nauseated. Since the cleanse, I have noticed a drastic difference regarding how I view food and how we, as a society, treat it. Even if doing the cleanse does not seem like something you can commit to right now, I would support reading the book as the words are not only empowering, but enable you to take charge of your life and live life fully.

I believe that as humans we have the power to accomplish anything. I will say it again, we have the power to accomplish anything. We simply (and it’s that simple) have to be open to new possibilities of growth and accept those possibilities whichever way they come. Although I’ve been running for over two years I am no expert. I’ve achieved this distance (both physically and metaphorically) because I’ve consistently chosen to be in a position of trust and allowed myself to be open to receive. I could have chosen to believe that altering my diet close to a race would have been detrimental to my performance, but instead I chose to believe that it was going to enhance my well-being and so it did.

The only thing that is different from one person to another is how people choose to deal with experiences. Remember, your mind will go where you let it wander.

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  1. Jeremy Moher
    July 25, 2014 at 10:45 pm (4 years ago)

    While at the cottage on holiday I went out for a run with the Deer Flies, or is that I went out to run from the Deer Flies? Anyways, when you’re trying to keep your sanity on a run you will entertain any thoughts that pop into your head. One of those was how did Laska make out on her ultra marathon? So post run, I took a moment to do a quick search on line only to find out that I’ve been sharing mat space with a media mogul! Our next Rupert Murdoch or Ted Turner? Maybe, but I doubt they’ve ever run 50k. So good on you for the web presence and congratulations on Creemore. It sounds like it was everything you had hoped for.


    • laskapare
      July 28, 2014 at 3:15 pm (4 years ago)

      Hey Jeremy!

      Oof deer flies! Luckily there weren’t any horse, deer, lion, etc flies while running Creemore. Deep in the forest and not a buzz…As such, I sprayed myself with bug spray for nothing. But being concerned about my ‘scent’ was the last of concerns as I had loads of sweat to trump the smell! Thanks for reading and for your comment. I appreciate your thoughts and words which allowed us to connect! I look forward to the raceone and my training run today, because today is all you’ve got so might as well enjoy it! Laska


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