Double knot.

I turned on the TV which instantly informed me that with the wind chill, the weather today was -25C. I didn’t even bother to look out my window because I knew I only had one choice. Without hesitation I suited up and headed out the door. At the elevator, my soft spoken neighbor asked “how do you do it”? I smiled and replied “I don’t assess what I’m about to do. I just go out there and do it”! I passed through the lobby and wished my concierge a good morning. His reply included a smile and a chuckle, followed by a concerned ‘good luck’ wish. It took all of my strength to push open the door and greet the unfriendly wind face to face. While I waited for my Garmin to catch a signal, I turned my gaze to the full length windows on the second floor. I watched the runners on the treadmill and thought to myself ” meh, I got extra Vaseline on my face today”! The wind was fierce and the snow blew into my eyes, but breathing in the brisk cool air was very refreshing. I love the feeling when you breath so deep that you begin to cough. According to my schedule today I was to do 10kms at tempo pace. Since my thoughts were consumed in the run, I didn’t even realize that I did my 12kms route instead. Oops! All well, I can’t really be mad that I got a few extra k’s in. Luckily I had two great sources of empowerment. First, I have to acknowledge the people who stare at me from their warm cars. I love throwing them a smile which totally reassures them that I am, in fact, nutts! Typically they smile back and or shake their head in disgust. Secondly, I love smiling and saying ‘good morning’ to every person I pass. It never ceases to surprise me how many people smile back and return the greeting. And why should it? Everyone loves to be acknowledged, but often we’re so cooped up in our final destination that we forget to create opportunities with people along the way. Now, I’m not going to have a full conversation with a stranger in -25C, but a smile and ‘hello’ sure does go a long way. Usually, my pre-run meal consists of oatmeal, nutts, dried fruit and honey but without thinking this morning, I automatically started making a protein shake. What’s in my shake you ask? I typically put 1 scoop of Sun Warrior Protein Powder (Raw-Organic), 1 scoop of veggie greens (organic), a table spoon of Floradix (liquid iron), a table spoon of Udo’s Oil (3-6-9 blend), frozen fruit, a handful of spinach or kale, a scoop of organic peanut butter and a table spoon of the always tasty black strap molasses. Doctors would say I am anemic, so I am currently experimenting different high iron options. The latest addition my Naturopath suggested was black strap molasses. Any who, about 4.5kms into my run my stomach started to turn. “Oh no”, I thought. While most of us can admit that we’ve had some special roadside moments during a run, I was not going to let this happen in -25C! I instantly started to think about anything hard; bricks, rocks, my mom’s rice krispie squares, wood piles. You name it and I GUARANTEE it was on my mind. Luckily a miracle happened that took my mind off the issue; my shoe was untied! “Ah perfect”, I thought. “A distraction”! Now I could have easily stopped and tied my shoe, but instead I became preoccupied with the thought of not losing my shoe. I also spent about 10 minutes trying to recall if I tied a double knot before I left. Surprisingly, this distraction lasted quite some time and before I knew it, I saw the peaks of my building and began to pick up the pace. Refusing to stop, I carried on hoping my shoe wouldn’t fly off in the last few hundred meters. The thought of ‘home’ reactived the thought of my unsettled stomach. “Oh crap” (not literally), but I knew time was running out! I got to the entry doors and my frozen thumbs wouldn’t allow me to unzip my pocket and grab my fob. Of course, my stomach immediately started to gurgle now that I had stopped. “Runner defecates outside her condo building” was the newspaper headline that popped into my head. Thankfully, another resident entered at the same time and I managed to get to the bathroom ASAP. I then headed to the yoga room to stretch and a woman came right up to me and asked “wasn’t the wind awful”? I smiled and replied “well, it wasn’t great”. She began to tell me how she skipped her run today because she thought it was going to be awful and can’t bring herself to run on the treadmill. I laughed and told her we all have our weak moments and rest assured, mine was only yesterday.

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  1. Mark Newman
    January 29, 2014 at 11:35 pm (4 years ago)

    This made me laugh…how’s that black strap molasses? I think GU should make that a flavor! πŸ™‚

    Mark aka @marathoner

    • laskapare
      January 29, 2014 at 11:41 pm (4 years ago)

      Hey Mark – ya the BSM (oh geez, you know it’s a trend when you abbreviate it) is quite unique in flavour. Here’s hoping it helps the ferritin levels!


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