Passion Over Past: Transforming the world together, one testimony at a time. 

In 2012, I discovered running as a result of a sexual harassment experience in university. The strength and confidence I gained through running provided me the opportunity to see myself, and the context in which I existed, in a completely new light. Ultimately, this led to me turning my life around with passion, and out of this transformative experience I decided to share my discovery with others by creating Passion Over Past.

Passion Over Past (P>P) is a global community book project that stands for transforming the world together, one testimony at a time. I believe when we use our power, knowledge, and experiences collectively we can create lasting, positive change.

P>P consists of compelling, self-written testimonies from women all over the world, who have experienced ‘difficulty’ because they were victims of abuse or they encountered a challenging life experience. While the women’s testimonies detail the hardships they endured and struggles they faced, the point of empowerment stems from their moment of realization — the moment when they realized they could ‘choose to be’ powerful in spite of their past experiences.

After reading the testimonies and learning the Power Principles, readers will be given tools and exercises they can easily apply to their life in order to discover how they can overcome adversity and use their experiences as catalysts for powerful, transformative change. All experiences in life are valuable and precious gifts, and Passion Over Past allows reader’s the opportunity to live that notion. 

“It was very powerful and moving; I cried, I rejoiced, I believe, and yes ‘The Power of Choice’ is amazing when you decide to do it.” — Sue Wales

“After reading the book Passion Over Past, I could understand that so much in life depends on how you look at things. Laska gives so many examples on how a negative event can be turned into an opportunity if treated the right way in your head. Laska approaches the subject in a new and unique way as she researched and co-created the stories with women who had bad experiences… I liked ‘The Seven Day Commitment Challenge’ a lot and it helped me to change my morning pattern, something I had in mind for sometime but could only implement after reading Laska’s book.” — Peter Thur

“The stories/experiences in the book remind me how courageous the women are to share their experiences, and how they have become who they are today: amazing, contributing, beautiful human beings as a result of overcoming past events.” — Kathy Butler