Align yourSELF with your Brightness

As this year comes to a close and I reflect on ALL the incredible experiences I had in 2015, it’s fascinating to review all the ways in which I have grown, AND which of these experiences provided me the opportunity to open and expand mySELF in a new way! Someone once told me a powerful thought that went something like this,

“You can’t make the stars align, so don’t try. Instead, align yourself with your brightness. When you do—thus releasing your desire for control— eventually you will look back and see that the stars aligned without your control, and the way they aligned was perfect!”

While living in Asia, I have faced fears I didn’t know I had and have grown from experiences I never would have previously seen as an “opportunity” for growth and development.

For example, I’ve had a scooter ‘accident’ in both India and Indonesia. In both cases, I slipped while turning because I used the front break not the back break. Both times I was going slow but by breaking the front wheel, it made the back wheel slip out from under me. In both instances I walked away with small scraps and scratches, but what I realize now is the lessons I gained from these experiences were paramount to my growth in life.

After having my first scooter accident in early January 2015, I could have arrived in Indonesia (11 months later) and decided to not rent a scooter again because of my previous experience. Instead, I CHOSE to not let my past be more powerful than who I am right now, i.e. I chose to live passionately over my past! Even though the same result happened in Indonesia (because I took the same action) I told myself, “You are NOT your experiences.” After I fell I instantly got up, brushed myself off and kept driving. In that moment of fear, I could have decided that I shouldn’t drive anymore because I’m not a ‘good’ driver, but I chose to not let my thoughts be more powerful than who I KNOW I am, and WHO I AM is someone who learns from ALL experiences without exception. WHO I AM is a young, healthy, vibrant individual with a well nourished body; as such, I know it will restore itself. WHO I AM is someone who only attracts love and light into their life and is open to how those aspects show up.

In watching my scabs heal, I realize they serve as metaphors… In life, sometimes we experience pain but it’s important to remember that nothing lasts forever. Pain eventually goes away and with time and proper care, wounds heal. Consider what you’re left with—the scar— is nothing more than a souvenir from the journey!

Think about babies for a second: In spite of having underdeveloped muscles they possess powerful strength. They fall from great heights and bump into EVERYTHING yet they carry on, virtually immune to harm and pain. They don’t let themselves be overcome with fear from the experience but instead, CHOOSE not to give any energy to any thought that would inhibit them from having fun and enjoying play.

I’m not intentionally seeking out experiences to test my invincibility, nor am I consciously putting myself in harms way. I’m simply CHOOSING to acknowledge the harmonious perspectives which are present in ALL experiences.

After my recent ‘accident’, I got back on the scooter and drove to a quiet place to think about the experience. I realized if I returned the scooter, I would be letting myself be consumed by fear because my reasons for not wanting to drive were all founded in ‘stories’ I was creating about myself. I realized I AM pliable just like babies because I was once a baby myself. As well, my true heart’s desire in life is to have fun, play and be happy, not be fearful. In looking at the FACTS, not the story, I chose to acknowledge the ‘pain’ I experienced which allowed me to recognize that my body would recover and therefore, I have no reason not to continue with my island-scooter-tour. I will simply remain attentive of my actions when I turn, period.

There are no such things as accidents.

As my dear friend Anne once said, “There is nothing accidental in an accident-AT-ALL. Align yourSELF with your brightness and allow your stars to align. Trust me, they will align and align perfectly ;).

Laska is a Canadian Writer currently living in Asia working on her book project entitled “The Divine ‘Disaster’” which was inspired by the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. Laska invites you to join the movement of those choosing to Live PASSIONately OVER their PAST Experiences by hashtagging #PassionOverPast via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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